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Pop Quiz, Losers! May 29, 2009

Posted by bigfatyellowchair in Uncategorized.

Question: How do you sneak in a fitness regimen while riding up an elevator to the 10th floor?



1. Fatbuster - May 29, 2009

Kegel exercises, tightening your buttocks, flexing your feet and ankles (tracing the alphabet with your feet), slowly rolling your neck, shrugging your shoulders, stretching as high as you can

2. bigfatyellowchair - May 29, 2009

Ooh, looks like we have the first winner in the speediest division. There’s still a chance to win in the raffle as the luckiest loser! So, GO, GO, GO! =)

3. calorie counter (not) - May 29, 2009

if your coming from 7-11 from the ground floor, you can juggle 3 bottles of del monte fit and right (with l-carnitine) while doing squats. not only do you exercise your arms, but also your buns and thighs. :-P

4. j-rui - May 29, 2009

push ups if there is no one in sight, or kahit meron (kung makapal mukha mo) and squats narin. as well as stationary jogging. press every floor from 2-9 para matagal :D

5. blacky - May 29, 2009

use your bag as a dumbell and do as many curls as you can on both arms. OHA! OHA!

6. junky trunk - May 29, 2009

There’s lots you can do!

1. Start with a quick STRETCH and warm-up… Bend down slowly from the waist to touch your toes (and maybe tie your shoelace if it’s undone)

2. 1 set of SQUATS (while looking at the reflective elevator door to keep your form in check)

3. 1 set of BICEP CURLS using the 2 bags you’re carrying

4. and end with a bit of YOGA by going into triangle asana and press the elevator button with your upper hand.

That’s a whole quick work-out in just one elevator trip!

7. Fat Cat (aka Fat Chicken) - May 29, 2009

pick an inner corner. our elevators have slight ledges about waist high, i think. use it to do reverse push ups. and press all floors from 2nd to 10th to maximize workout time. =p

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