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Jacob’s Shawarma June 13, 2009

Posted by bigfatyellowchair in Food, Product Review.
Tucked along a side street in Ortigas lies a treasure from the Middle East. Jacob’s Shawarma, home of the real Turkish döner kebab, is a glorified shawarma. What makes this different from the run of the mill shawarma you (used to) see in every corner, is that it comes with a lemon wedge instead of the usual aioli. That fact alone already makes it a winner in the Loser’s book (Lemon has less calories, not to mention Vitamin C!). Healthier (it’s grilled on a panini maker and packed with veggies) and tastier, it enhances the flavor of the meat (chicken) instead of masking it in the garlic  sauce.
The restaurant also offers other authentic Turkish delights. Turkish coffee (as seen below) and baklava (a nutty dessert) is also available.


Ratio Shawarma:iPod

Shawarma : iPod Nano Ratio

Jacob's Shawarma along Sapphire Street, Ortigas

Jacob's Shawarma along Sapphire Street, Ortigas Center. And yes, that's Jacob himself on the logo. Drop by the resto to see the real deal.

What: Shawarma/Turkish Döner Kebab

Where: Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig (The resto is clean, has seats, and is airconditioned.)

When: Anytime! It’s open 24 hrs. (except on Sundays)

Variants: So far, they only have 1 kind. And it comes with a lemon wedge instead of the usual aioli (garlic)  sauce.

How much: P120



1. jacob cortes - June 16, 2009

i am not using garlic souse hehhhe

ninjarapsarap - June 17, 2009

Hello Jacob! We’re honored that you dropped by our blog. We really loved that you used lemon in your shawarma. Just the perfect blend of zest! =) We’ll surely visit again soon. This time, we’ll make sure to make more room for dessert!

2. EMRAH ANLAŞBAY - July 6, 2009


3. jacob cortes - July 8, 2009

come wednesday fish friday beef and lamb combination shawarma

also they are good and best shawarma try

4. bigfatyellowchair - July 10, 2009

Definitely 2 more meals to look forward to. Thanks for the update, Jacob!

5. jacob cortes - July 11, 2009

you can add this information also..

tuesday and friday beef and lamb combination 200 peso
wednesday fish shawarma salmon or blue marlin 160 peso
other days chicken shawarma 120 peso

thank you

6. samantha - July 24, 2009

i love jacob’s shawarma! i work in emerald street and i go to sapphire just to eat at jacob’s! you have the best shawarma in town! keep it up!!! :)

7. payam - January 30, 2010

hi jacob
how r u?
is your meat is halal?
tanks if u answer

8. jacob cortes - February 26, 2010

yes all meat helal

9. Kristine - Freelance Writing Philippines - August 7, 2010


this i should try soon ;P tesekkur for bringing turkish food to the philippines :P

(maybe some raki next time?)

10. Zernan - December 16, 2010

Hello Jacob…I’m a great fan of your shawarma…I would like to ask if your open for franchising?

11. Brichen - March 30, 2013

hi jacob. im currently in swiss and i just love kebab here. thus, i thought of having it as business since i so love it. are you now open for franchising? im originally from cavite. pls do let me know

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