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Green Tinted Losers June 26, 2009

Posted by junkytrunk in Uncategorized.

More and more Losers have jumped onto the running bandwagon for this Sunday’s G.I.G Run at UP! The only ones not present in the photos are Cybilbil + sister and Beached Whale’s wifey. All in all, that makes 13 runners!

We’re all geared up with our race bibs, singlets and other newly purchased paraphernalia (to be covered in another post) and ready to run our thighs off! OK, fine. So maybe Mr. Fingerbottom and Junky Trunk won’t do any actual running but we will in the next one!

For some, this will be a first. For others, their 20-something-th run. But for everyone, it’ll be extra special because we get to do it together. K2, represent!



1. ninjarapsarap - June 26, 2009

Cute! I’m super excited na. This is so cool. We are multiplying!!! So, where are we going to eat after? hehe. HEALTHY ha!!! ;)

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