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Sore Losers – Chapter 1: Siren’s Call June 29, 2009

Posted by bigfatyellowchair in Fiction.
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Fat Chicken getting ready to run.

Fat Chicken getting ready to run.

*this is a work of fiction based on true events by a Loser who was either bored, didn’t have anything better to do or just procrastinating.

My name is Fat Chicken… and i am a sore Loser. Don’t over analyze. It’s not like it sounds. I’m one of the 11 incredibly competitive and health conscious entities banding together to fight the all consuming  and all powerful body fat. One of the Losers. And right now i am just sore all over. See i ran my first marathon yesterday.

I was never an athletic person. Nor was i ever health conscious in any form. Most of all never outwardly competitive. But since joining Loser, things began to change.

A couple of my fellow losers have beenjoining marathons for quite a while now.  And after several invitations to join the GIG run, including one from Kwuapao as a means to keep my job, i finally gave in… and if i recall correctly, to one of the simplest gestures… a look over the shoulder as she passed by.

“Join the GIG run.”, she said to me. And that was all it took.

I dropped everything and stood up, walked towards the conference room.

Hesitant and arrogant at the same time as i stood amongst the other Losers, i asked for a form.

For two weeks it felt like i signed a death sentence. To my credit i followed the rational side of me and chose to ran the 5k instead of the 10k my arrogant side kept goading me.

The weeks passed by quickly and before i knew it, i was standing along side Choco Binger and J-Rui in a mob of runners. Almost everyone wore the same green sleeveless shirts distributed to all participants of the event.

I realized then… I was lost in a sea of green. And as the timer started to close in on the moment of the run… i began to wonder if i would drown as i was swept by the tide, unable to keep up with everyone else.

Damn this stupid pride. Damn me for being so arrogant. Damn me for not thinking this thru… But she called out to me… and i had to answer.

to be continued…



1. bigfatyellowchair - June 29, 2009

not athletic? don’t you a have a taekwondo belt?

2. ninjarapsarap - June 29, 2009

Ooh. Abangan!

On a side note, kung gagawing movie itong GIG run na ‘to, who (artista) would you guys get to play you? hehe.

3. Cybilbil - July 3, 2009

I would love to have Michelle Rodriguez play me but she can obviously run a 5K…

4. Fat Chicken - July 7, 2009

bigfatyellowchair — junkytrunk? yeah. i did. hahaha. but still not athletic. =)

i’d have Geoff Eigenmann play me just for kicks. hahaha.

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