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I feel fat.

I feel fat.

This is a story, and one that most of you can probably relate to, about once scrawny individuals on the first day of a new job. Bright-eyed and sitting pretty on a ubiquitous yellow chair (which is surprisingly more ergonomic than it looks), the new job naturally comes with the usual office must-haves: Fast food on the block, late night delivery, 7-Eleven breaks, Manang Merienda, Manang Mallows, birthday blowouts… you get the drift.

Fast forward 5 10 20 pounds heavier (not to mention the one too many Facebook “before” sightings), and this blog is born.

This blog took its cue from an office ad hoc Biggest Loser™ competition. A 3-month challenge concocted among lunch mates in between bites of homemade salads and sans rivals (Yes, we are hypocrites- and only human).

The rules are simple. Lose the unwanted weight and win the pot money. No drugs (legal/illegal). No nips. No tucks. No excuses.

Oh, and sabotage is definitely allowed. ;)

Join us in our quest for a lighter disposition and a healthier lifestyle via personal diskartes, fitness tips, tried and tested recipes, and out-of-the-box shenanigans amid lost calories.

Losers are the new winners.


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