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The Big Boss Drops In June 4, 2009

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New On The Menu: Fried Kwapao June 4, 2009

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He’s back and supersized!

Fried Kwapao, the newest loser.

JT Challenge Scores June 2, 2009

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Below are the scores from yesterday’s challenge. Since there were so many of you who tied in second place, I’ve decided to give a consolation prize to all runner-ups. I’m thinking of making an extra batch of Tangerine Chicken and Couscous for you to share…

Chunky Monkey – 8

Choco Binger – 6
Ninjarapsarap – 6
Cybilbil – 6
Blackie – 6

Mr. Fingerbottom – 5
J Rui – 5

Fat Chicken – 2
Beached Whale – 0 (sayang naman! join the next one!)

The Answers & The Winner June 1, 2009

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First, the answers… these are all based on research I did online. I’ve shared some of my links with you below.

1. YES (It’s just like how a ton of feathers weighs as much as a ton of bricks. A calorie is a unit of energy contained in the food you consume. It does not, however, count nutritional content. So, you may eat something that is low-calorie, but does nothing good for body.But, you could also eat extremely healthy food and still gain weight because you don’t burn any of those calories.)

2. 4:30PM (This is ’round about the time our tummies start a-rumblin’. Smart snacking is key, losers!)

3. SWIMMING burns more calories. (light/moderate swimming = 590-863, jogging = 413-604, light/moderate cycling = 413-604 calories.  Find out about more activities here. )

4. 1 medium MANGO has more calories. (Different sites have different calculations but most say banana = 105 calories,  mango = 107 calories — beware! It’s also much higher in sugar content! For a free calorie counter, click here.)

5. It contains less than 0.5 grams of total fat. (Remember to check your food labels! Low fat may not mean low calorie!)

6. The Starbucks Walnut Bran Muffin has 430 calories. The Dunkin Strawberry Donut only has 240 calories.

(No foods can burn fat.  Some foods with caffeine may speed up your metabolism — the way your body uses energy or calories — for a short time, but they do not cause weight loss. Click here for more diet myths uncovered.)

8. You need to consume 3,500 calories for an extra pound of body fat.

9. 8 ounces of RED WINE has more calories. (red = 150 calories, white = 140 calories — small, but if you’re really watching your calories, it counts!)

(Lifting weights on a regular basis can actually help you maintain or lose weight. These activities can help you build muscle, and muscle burns more calories than body fat. So if you have more muscle, you burn more calories — even sitting still. Doing strengthening activities 2 or 3 days a week will not “bulk you up.” Only intense strength training, combined with a certain genetic background, can build very large muscles.)

So, our winner is… with 8 out of 10 correct answers

Congratulations, CHUNKY MONKEY! By the way, sure I’ll make dark meat for you. But white meat is still healthier!

Junky Trunk Challenge June 1, 2009

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1. Is a calorie from a tomato equivalent to a calorie from a slice of pizza?

2. When is the most likely time of day that people fall off their diets?
a. 12:00 nn
b. 4:30 pm
c. 6:00 pm

3. Which form of activity burns more calories per hour: swimming, jogging or cycling?

4. What has more calories: 1 medium mango or 1 medium banana?

5. According to FDA regulations, when a product is labelled as “Fat Free”, that means:
a. it contains no fat
b. it contains less than 0.5 grams of total fat
c. it contains less that 1 gram of total fat

6. What has more calories: a Starbucks Walnut Bran Muffin or a Strawberry Frosted Dunkin Donut?

7. True or False: Eating foods like celery, grapefruit and cabbage can burn fat.

8. How many calories must you consume to gain an extra pound of body fat?
a. 1,500 calories
b. 2,500 calories
c. 3,500 calories

9. What has more calories: 8 ounces of red wine or 8 ounces of white wine?

10. True or False: Lifting weights isn’t good if you want to lose weight because you’ll “bulk up” and muscles weigh heavier than fat.

The Junky Trunk Challenge May 29, 2009

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Are you ready for another pop quiz, hot shots? Junky Trunk challenges all diet geeks to find out who is the BIGGEST geek in all of k2!



Come Monday, the quiz will be posted. Those with the most correct answers shall be treated to a healthy, Tangerine Dream Chicken lunch home-cooked by Junky Trunk herself. (That’s better than any other packed lunch since our microwave is kaput!)


Up For Grabs May 28, 2009

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Who says Junky Trunk is the only one with a stash? Look what’s up for grabs in our first online contest- A Nike® Sport Water Bottle!

Nike Sports Bottle

And since there are 2 prizes to be given away, there are also 2 chances to win! One for a lucky raffle winner, the other for the most competitive. So, which one are you?

Contest Mechanics: Just answer the question that will be posted tomorrow (Friday).

It’s easy, you just have to be the 1st person to comment, or the lucky comment to be drawn. See, no sweat! (for now…)

CRINK’D! May 26, 2009

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Ooh-ey, Gooey, Chocolatey Crinkles

Ooh-ey, Gooey, Chocolatey Crinkles

Spotted: Just lying on the side of the road (Napulot ko lang sa tabi-tabi)
We were CRINK’D! Once again, temptation reared it’s big, fat head from a certain Mr. Bottomfeeder… erm, Fingerbottom. Is this a form of generosity or sabotage?

Black Devil Woo Man May 14, 2009

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Dark Temptation

Dark Temptation

Day 2 of the challenge, and look what suddenly appeared on our desks… Definitely black magic from an evil, evil man. Baa-d.