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Losers Invade Nike Running Clinic June 24, 2009

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Nike Running Clinic

Nike Running Clinic | http://www.nikerunning.com.ph

The Losers (well, at least 3 of them) are picking up their pace and pushing themselves to their limits. Last night, Chunky Monkey, Fried Kwapao, and Ninjarapsarap had a not-so-secret training session at the Nike sponsored Running Clinic at ULTRA.

Last night’s program, with the addition of rainfall as a “bonus” challenge, had the Losers doing rounds on the track, stretching, and drills. Since it was Chunky Monkey and Fried Kwapao’s first time to join the run clinic (Ninjarapsarap is a delinquent student), they were asked to do time trials for their individual assessments

Ninjarapsarap says: I missed running at the clinic. I love, love, love running in the rain. Sana a stray ball (there were people playing football on the field) roll towards me, so I can kick it back. SANA I can still kick. I miss football. Sigh.

Chunky Monkey says: How the hell can Ninjarap and Kwapao chat while running? Breathe. Run. Breathe. Run… Ooh, rain. I feel like a professional athlete. Swish, swoosh, swing my wet hair out of my eyes…

Fried Kwapao says: I already ran this morning, so why am I running again now? ‘Coz I’m a running addict and super competitive, that’s why. Oops, did I just say that out loud? Oh, hey, I just realized, I’m not a solo runner after all. I made a new friend (at the run clinic). Hey, waitaminute, I can’t let him outrun me! Gotta run!

These losers had a great time. Not to mention the calories they lost and the accomplishment they gained. To the rest of the Losers, they’re 1 training run ahead of you guys na. Get ready to eat their dust on Sunday’s run!

The Nike Running Clinic is held at 7 P.M. on Tuesdays at ULTRA, Pasig and on Fridays at Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio (in front of the Nike flagship store).


Jacob’s Shawarma June 13, 2009

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Tucked along a side street in Ortigas lies a treasure from the Middle East. Jacob’s Shawarma, home of the real Turkish döner kebab, is a glorified shawarma. What makes this different from the run of the mill shawarma you (used to) see in every corner, is that it comes with a lemon wedge instead of the usual aioli. That fact alone already makes it a winner in the Loser’s book (Lemon has less calories, not to mention Vitamin C!). Healthier (it’s grilled on a panini maker and packed with veggies) and tastier, it enhances the flavor of the meat (chicken) instead of masking it in the garlic  sauce.
The restaurant also offers other authentic Turkish delights. Turkish coffee (as seen below) and baklava (a nutty dessert) is also available.


Ratio Shawarma:iPod

Shawarma : iPod Nano Ratio

Jacob's Shawarma along Sapphire Street, Ortigas

Jacob's Shawarma along Sapphire Street, Ortigas Center. And yes, that's Jacob himself on the logo. Drop by the resto to see the real deal.

What: Shawarma/Turkish Döner Kebab

Where: Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig (The resto is clean, has seats, and is airconditioned.)

When: Anytime! It’s open 24 hrs. (except on Sundays)

Variants: So far, they only have 1 kind. And it comes with a lemon wedge instead of the usual aioli (garlic)  sauce.

How much: P120

Quaker Oats® Oatmeal Cookie May 23, 2009

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Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie

Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie

Oatmeal + Cookie = Healthy Hearty Snack

Before you reach out for that 4-letter treat that starts and ends with an “O”, give oats a chance. With 1/3 less fat, no artificial flavoring, and 0% trans fat (okay, I’m just reading from the label here), it’s a yummy and healthier alternative that will surely be good for your heart. Really. You won’t feel shortchanged at all! =)

  • What: Oatmeal Cookie
  • Variant: Honey Nuts
  • Other variants available: Apple Cinnamon, Raisins
  • How much: P10.00 for a 3-pc. pack